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Revolutionize your medical strategy with our AI-powered tools, connecting you to a world of comprehensive, real-time scientific insights.
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Intellicast: Empower Engagement through Expert Discovery
Discover the potential of precision engagement with Intellicast. Our tool enables Medical Affairs and MSL teams to identify and interact with the most relevant Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) globally. Intellicast ensures streamlined expert selection, in-depth profiling, and robust expert mapping, laying a solid foundation for meaningful and targeted engagements.
Therafast: Amplify Impact with AI-Powered Engagements
Therafast elevates Intellicast's functionalities by integrating advanced AI technology. Obtain instant access to topic-specific experts, utilize AI-enhanced profiling and mapping, and answer complex questions in real-time. Therafast also brings Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) into your engagement strategy, providing a comprehensive, tech-savvy approach to expand your sphere of influence.
Infoblast: Unleash the Power of Intelligent Scientific Engagement
Infoblast is your ultimate platform for scientific engagement. It integrates all Therafast features and enriches them with real-time updates on scientific developments, AI-assisted analysis of new publications, and clinical trials. From creating evidence-based medical action plans to identifying emerging leaders, Infoblast propels your team's strategic planning and engagement, making it a true powerhouse for smart scientific engagement.
Intellicast provides comprehensive expert identification capabilities for initial landscape scoping to understand the broad range of potential experts to engage.
Therafast delivers strategic, AI-powered insights to support focused relationship building with relevant experts.
Infoblast offers visionary intelligence to accelerate strategic planning by keeping leadership aware of emerging scientific advancements.
Why is Xpertree Different ?
The Smart Choice: Eliminate Information Overload
Don't drown in data. We distil what truly matters, offering pertinent scientific insights, not an overwhelming information flood.
Power Mapping: Networks That Make Sense
Our AI-powered expert mapping goes beyond names; it reveals influential networks and connections, providing strategic, actionable insights.
Transcending Raw Data: Extracting True Value
We deliver more than just publications and trials. By providing executive summaries, critical outcomes, and new keyword insights, we turn data into impactful intelligence.
Frequently asked questions
As MSLs, we often engage with different types of experts. Does Xpertree categorize these experts in any way?
Yes, Xpertree helps identify and categorize different types of KOLs based on their expertise, influence, and relevance to your particular therapy area. The platform also extends to identifying Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs), broadening your engagement scope.
How does Xpertree ensure the relevance and freshness of the data it provides?
Xpertree continuously updates its databases to provide you with the latest information. Our Infoblast tool gives real-time updates on scientific advancements, publications, clinical trials, and social media buzz, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.
As a Medical Affairs professional, I often need to quickly understand the gist of new publications. How does Xpertree assist with this?
Xpertree's Infoblast tool is designed to address this very issue. It uses AI to analyze new publications and provide executive summaries, saving you valuable time and allowing you to quickly understand key findings.
How does Xpertree support our interaction with KOLs and DOLs?
Xpertree incorporates a CRM-like functionality to track your interactions with KOLs and DOLs, helping you plan, record insights, and generate cumulative insights from these engagements. It's designed to enhance your relationship management process while also infusing scientific insights into the mix.
What makes Xpertree different from other scientific insight tools in the market?
Xpertree stands out with its AI-powered tools and value-driven approach. While other platforms might provide a wealth of data, Xpertree emphasizes turning that data into actionable, impactful intelligence. It not only offers expert profiling and mapping but also delivers critical summaries, outcomes, and keyword insights to fuel your strategic decisions.
How does Xpertree ensure the privacy and safety of our data?
Xpertree prioritizes data privacy and security. While we collect data from open sources for insights generation, when it comes to client-specific data, we employ advanced encryption methods, including 256-bit SHA encoding. Moreover, upon client request, specific data and API calls can be integrated directly into the client's server, further enhancing the security of your data.
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Access our guide and explore how our platform can revolutionize your Medical Affairs and MSL teams' approach. Let us assist you in harnessing the power of scientific insights.
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Trusted by over 20 companies
Xpertree's pricing is transparent and much more affordable than alternatives with similar capabilities.
VP of Medical Science
Pharmaceutical Company, Singapore
As a start-up, we could never afford this level of scientific intelligence. Xpertree makes it attainable.
Emerging Biotechnology Company in Oncology
After switching from other KOL insights company, the expert identification from Xpertree is twice as accurate and relevant to our needs.
Medical Affairs Manager
Leading Biotech Firm, USA
The CRM integration in Infoblast has allowed us to reduce time spent on engagement tracking by over 50%.
Engagement Operations Lead
Leading Pharma Firm, UK
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